You will find lots of things to do in the surrounding area : fishing, walking, cycling and sports such as horse-riding, sand yachting and golf. There are cultural and leisure activities nearby with local theatres, many museums and festivals, and an amusement park, laser games and zoo. You can visit local historical sites and monuments such as the D-Day landing beaches and Mont Saint Michel.

In the village:
  • mill
  • lake with children’s play area
La Feuillie
Near the village :
  • beach at Pirou (9km)
  • shops in Lessay (5km) and Périers (5km)
  • laser games and go-karting (Lessay), restaurant with cabaret in Saint Germain-sur-Ay
  • 12th century castle in Pirou (5km), 11th century abbey in Lessay, musical farm in Angoville-sur-Ay
  • beach, harbour, guardroom in Saint Germain-sur-Ay
  • various events such as the Pirou Whelk Festival, the Lessay Fair, the Bolleville music festival "les notes en folie" etc
  • the Cotentin and Bessin Marshes national park
  • markets all year round
  • children’s holiday and activity centre
  • Not forgetting the local gastronomy and specialities of the region such as cheese from the Réaux dairy, biscuits from the Sortosville factory, "teurgoule" (local rice pudding)…
And if you want to venture further afield :
  • Cherbourg (Sea Centre, harbour…), Saint Lô (famous stud farm, ramparts…)
  • Mont Saint Michel
  • D-Day Landing Beaches
  • The Channel Islands, Chausey Islands, Tatihou Island…
and there are plenty of other places to visit and things to do!

Further information can be obtained from the local tourist office.
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